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PUSH definitely has their own unique sound. PUSH is taking the
East coast by storm with their debut CD and already generating quite
a buzz in the music community.

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PUSH is SEASONED Rock at its Best! Formed by frontman Geo DeCampo in 2003, PUSH made a big leap of faith with their debut album, entitled “PUSH”, hitting the rock scene hard with guitar driven sounds.

Over the past few years PUSH found a way to combine today’s modern heavy music with their classic guitar hooks. The 2015 release of their newest project, “FRICTION”, is their best work to date demonstrating the versatility of veteran Singer/Songwriter and Lead Guitarist, Geo DeCampo. Geo states that “Everyone should know PUSH follows NO guidelines. We refuse to be pigeonholed into any current trends.” With the Guitar duo of Geo DeCampo and Joe Holbrook matched with the forceful rhythm section of Walter White’s Bass and George DeCampo’s Drums the stage explodes with Hi-Energy performance and experienced showmanship. The Band hails from the Baltimore/Washington area but will play wherever and whenever they get the chance. “It’s in our blood” Geo says, “I don’t see it ever changing.”

Also New in 2015 is PUSH’s release of three New Music Videos surrounding the release of FRICTION: Flying Girl, Do What You Want with Featured artist JADE, and Do What You Want (Band version). Looking Forward, PUSH is already working on a new album, has ideas for a few new music videos and intends to release a PUSH LIVE Album sometime in 2016.

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